I'm Not Fucked Up, The World Is

by Knives And Forks For Freedom



Debut release of political punk band from Ottawa, Canada. 50 cents from the proceeds of each CD will be donated to the Ottawa Food Bank.


released November 5, 2011

Knives and Forks for Freedom is:

Seany Napalm – Vocals
Fugly – Guitar and backing vocals
Cody – Bass
Double Dee – Drums, extra backing vocals in “Please Don’t Eat Me”



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Knives And Forks For Freedom Ottawa, Ontario

Political hardcore punk from Ottawa (Canada)

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Track Name: I'm Not Fucked Up, the World is
I know you’re down, I see it in your eyes.
We know the truth, we don’t need their lies.
You know me, like I know this.
I’m not fucked up, the world is.
Track Name: Fated Doom (for the Ignorant)
If I told you we had just one day,
would you still go to work anyway?
What if someday I told you what I said had finally come true?
Could you see it through?!

What they tell us, and what we know,
is what will get us where they want us to go.
If we could break one habit, we could break them all,
if we want it bad enough, we'd watch it all fall.

And what if someday we realized,
that our history and what we learned was all lies?
Would I see the look of freedom in your eyes!?

And when they break in your house, and bust in your room…
to think - to breathe - our fated doom.
What if someday we let it go,
and cut the strings of this marionette show?

Let it go!
Track Name: Who Man Beings
Divide and conquer, lead the individuals, order out of chaos.
Divide and conquer, lead the individuals, lead the blind and lost.

I’ll never be Canadian, I’ll never be a Christian,
I’ll never be punk rock, ‘cause I’m a human being.

Separated by countries, different perspectives, different ambitions. Separated by countries, different perspectives, different religions.

I’ll never be an anarchist, I’ll never be an intellectual,
I’ll never be a heterosexual, ‘cause I’m a human being!

Divided by colour, wealth and wage, weight and age.
Divided by colour, wealth and wage, to keep us in a cage.

I’ll never be a race! I’ll never be a religion!
I’ll never act like you! ‘cause I’m a human being! (and you are too!?)
Track Name: Marketable Youth
Like a bunch of clones, like moths to the flame.
Pace around like caged rats, it’s such a fucking shame.
You’re being exploited for the profits of today.
These trends are made for you, to make you fucking pay.

Marketable youth, world revolves around you.
Marketable youth, it’s all for you.

Marketing campaigns to make you hate yourself,
it’s all a bunch of bullshit, we'll tell ‘em to go to hell.
It’s time to learn the truth and open up your eyes.
These trends are all for you, to make you fucking buy.

If we were taught right since we were young,
to love ourselves and others and that we don’t need to belong.
Not by the system, our education and TV,
as they train us for our role to never be free...
Track Name: Here You Go (It's Good for You)
What’s in that inoculation? You better get a degree,
unless you want your kids to turn out to look like me.

“Here you go, take it. It’s good for you.”

So tell me what they cured, and why you still wait.
And how much for your medication and will it be too late?
Tell me what’s in it for them, and who is getting paid.
I’ll ask every question I can so you know our determination will never fade.

So tell me what’s in that pill, and should you really swallow it?
And if you still feel ill, would you make that doctor swallow that shit?
Tell me what’s in it for them, and who is getting paid.
I’ll ask every question I can so you know our determination will never fade...
Track Name: The Cat Came Back
Old Mr. Waldorf has problems of his own,
but these three cats wouldn’t leave him alone.
Wiley would scratch at the door all day,
one time he got out and went far away.

But the cat came back, the very next day.
The cat came back, we thought he was a goner,
but the cat came back, he just couldn’t stay away.

The second cat Mooey escaped the other day,
and when he comes home,
I hope he'll say, “meow… what, can’t a cat get laid?”
“well Mooey”, he'd say, “some other day”.

The third cat Sandy, the one that stayed.
This is the one, he didn’t want anyway.
This one meows all night, and sleeps all day.
This is the one, he just wants...to go away
Track Name: Where'd They All Go?
Oh my God! How the fuck did it get this way?
Did you know they are trying to kill us?!
Oh my God! I can’t believe it ever got like this.
We've screamed so loud, is it time to use our fists?!

They control the population in every way,
this even means how it grows.
Carefully strategized wars started every day,
carefully implanted diseases that no one knows.

Holy fuck! The feeling that I can’t take,
that late at night keeps me awake.
Holy fuck! If we don’t learn to see right,
this could very well be our very last night.
And everyone's so concerned about their own life,
and all their trivial desires.
Do we have time to get a kid and a wife and still be young and retire?
Track Name: Like the Undead
Today I woke up with a strangely clear head.
This day we might fight back, like the undead.
We'll get up from our TV dinners and instead,
munch on the corrupt humans, ‘til we're all fed.
We'll give them a night that they will all dread.
When we fight back, like the undead.
If these bastards knew what was up ahead,
I’m dead sure they would have rather fled.

When we fight back like the undead.

From our graves and from our beds,
we'll rise up and fight like the undead.
We'll take this town, and colour it all red,
once all the corrupt humans have all bled.
Against the system is the path that we must tread,
‘til the very idea of that system is fucking dead.
We'll take over this government and watch it all fall.
Freedom for all of us aware, freedom for one and all.
Track Name: Please Don't Eat Me
Well I know it’s not the best you’ve ever had,
but I sure don’t think it’s all that bad.
Is it enough knowing that nothing living had to die?
I know you’re used to your meat, but soy is worth a try.

The cows never saw it coming,
relaxing in the green pastures of lies,
never knowing the humans’ insatiable hunger.
No time for this cow now, but who is next?!
Please don’t eat me!

“This tofu tastes terrible”, is all you can ever say.
And “who cares about a fucking cow anyway”,
but have you ever thought about the life they live?
We take so much from this planet, that we never give.

To the death you'd argue it’s about health for you.
Well what’s good for that cow to eat, is fucking good for you too.
If we planted that grain in the fields where they eat,
it would end world hunger and no one would have to eat meat.

There’s no reason for us to still do this.
We have the technology to surpass this savageness.
Humans are much smarter than all other animals on earth,
but when we act like animals,
do we doom ourselves to die…like animals?!
Track Name: Knives and Forks for Freedom
If only everybody could eat;
putting food on the table can be such a fucking feat.
If only we all had clean water to drink,
then maybe everyone would learn how to think.

And we'll take back what was ours.
Because I’m taking from you,
does it have to be violent too?
Put down your gun, I have a knife and fork for you.

They'll always keep us in poverty;
we're so much easier to control
when we have no fucking room to breathe,
always our backs to the wall.
No place for our kind, who'll be the savior of us all?

And if only everybody could eat,
this world might not be so easily lead by deceit.
And with our new strength and our wisdom,
we would use our knives and forks for freedom.

[The starving don’t aspire to be neurosurgeons
and they won’t likely be scientists,
when all they have on their mind is their next meal.
When we’ve freed our thoughts of our hunger,
we’ll see a form of progress we could never imagine:
what it would be like to finally be free!]