Who's in Control?

by Knives And Forks For Freedom

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released September 11, 2012

Knives and Forks for Freedom is:

Seany Napalm – Vocals
Fugly – Guitar/vocals
Cody – Bass
Double Dee – Drums

Album artwork designed by the wonderful Hannah Hogan from Ireland. She can be contacted at edinbrag@hotmail.com



all rights reserved


Knives And Forks For Freedom Ottawa, Ontario

Political hardcore punk from Ottawa (Canada)

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Track Name: What? How? Why?
What do you expect me to do?
How do you expect me to live like you?
What makes you think you know something that I don’t?

Always remember; if we want change, we’ve got to make it!

How could it get this way?
How could this even be real?
What’s left of our human race?
I can’t see!
Track Name: War on the Poor
Just don't give them change and they should go away,
just like they did with pigeon’s way back in the day.
The care meter's at zero and it’s not going up.
Maybe it's just broken, or no one gives a fuck.

It’s the war on the poor!

Times are getting better, up goes minimum wage.
But it's hard to make a living, earning $60 a day.
Low income housing, is that your solution?
I think the problem is your capitalist institutions!
Track Name: Dic of the Hour
The dictator of choice wasn’t chosen by you,
but chosen for you.
Believes in America and his country,
believes we do not have a voice.

Put in place, by the powers that be.
I’ve learned enough, they'll never have control of me.
I’ll keep screaming, ‘til I have no voice.
One day, we'll remove the dictator of choice.

They laugh, while you slave for your daily food.
People are slaughtered in the streets every minute,
people just like you.

A new dictator; how many times will they do it?
How many times will no one notice?
Until the whole world, is fucking third world!?
Track Name: Take to the Streets
Without our obedience, they have nothing.
They didn’t take control, we gave it to them;
so who's in control?

Daily routines perceived as normality;
A family, a job, and a life of "luxuries".
This lifestyle is never challenged;
"that’s just the way it is", but we never question why.
I want to have more in my life than just to
Obey, Consume, Reproduce, Die.

Indoctrinated to believe that pacifism is the only way;
peaceful protests make us easy to control,
but nothing will ever change.
By playing by their rules, we're accepting defeat.
Instead of voting, we need to take to the streets.