Environmentally​-​Friendly EP

by Knives And Forks For Freedom

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released November 24, 2013

Knives and Forks for Freedom is:

Seany Napalm – Vocals
Fugly – Guitar
Cody – Bass, drums

We recorded this EP as a 3-piece band, but we’ve always performed live with 4 members. Cody’s brother Jamie filled in for us on bass while Cody switched over to drums for a while. We’d like to thank Jamie for that. He didn’t record on this EP with us, but he was very much part of this band for a while, and he did play some of these songs with us live. Jamie did take the picture used for the album cover though!



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Knives And Forks For Freedom Ottawa, Ontario

Political hardcore punk from Ottawa (Canada)

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Track Name: Always Ours
We never signed your social contract
We never gave up our liberty for your “security”
We never asked for the “right” for freedom of thought and speech,
it was always ours!
Track Name: Another Way
Sell them poison to ease their symptoms
Feed them false knowledge to fuel the disease
Damper their spirits with imminent death
Leave them with nothing but their last breath

There must be another way

They just want your money
Do your research, follow the money trail
Big Pharma has written the textbook on health
creating vast sickness in the public while amassing massive amounts of wealth

But there is another way
Track Name: Truth Speak
There is no money in a cure,
but easing the symptoms of a disease is lucrative for fucking sure
String them along, they'll always need more
Now our pharmacists are pimps and guess who's the whore?

We need to throw away this crazy ideal
and bond together to create something real

There is no money in peace
Otherwise all these existing wars would cease, that’s fairly plain to see
When we have politicians running arms companies
selling death worldwide and condoning its actions with government policies

Let’s crash the system and smash the state
to live in a world we ALL create